Policy and Procedures

Policy for execution of projects


* Govt. allotted 30% of financial requirement.
* 70% funds raised through loans from HUDCO, HDFC etc.
* PHC utilized services of PWD and Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran for execution of projects on payment of centage charges.
* 13506 houses built through PWD.


* The Board of Directors in their 144th meeting held on 3.6.2004 decided to execute projects with more than 50 quarters and building work costing more than Rs.100 lakhs through Maharshtra State Police Housing and Welfare Corporation. The project less than 50 quarters and building work less than Rs.100 lakhs will be executed through Public Works Department. Vide Home Department Maharashtra State directive.

* The estimates of the projects are based on the District Scheduled Rates of P.W.D. of Maharashtra State. The planning and supervision of the projects are outsourced.

* Works executed by appointing empanelled Architects and Project Management Consultants.
* The Architects and PMCs are paid 2 and 3 per cent respectively of the project cost or tendered cost whichever is lower.
* Works are executed through categorized contractors. 
* The Architects for planning and designing are appointed from empanelled list.
*The day-to-day supervision is entrusted to Project Management Consultants who are appointed from empanelled list.
* The Corporation carries out the overall supervision and monitoring.
* 23961 quarters, 6 Barracks, 5 Hostel buildings, 1 Administrative building and 4 classrooms handed over to the respective user department upto August 2007 by Maharshtra State Police Housing and Welfare Corporation.

* Eligibility of contractors *

The contractors registered with PWD of Maharshtra State and other Goverenment of Maharshtra Undertakings in appropiate class and CPWD registered contractors having executed at least one work of Construction of residential project and / or Administrative building in Maharshtra State.

Entitlement of carpet area for quarters


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