Agencies Doing Business with MSPHC

Serial No Name of the Agency Contractor Project Management Consultant Architect
1 ) Tongse Patil and Engineer, Amravati No No Yes
2 ) Pawar Patkar Constructions Pvt Ltd Yes No No
3 ) Linkall Constructions No No Yes
4 ) Rachna Vishwa No No Yes
5 ) Sarda Constructions Yes No No
6 ) Pawan Engineers Latur No No Yes
7 ) Jayant Tipnis No No Yes
8 ) Eagle Construction, Ulhasnagar Yes No No
9 ) Kailas Zalte and Associates No No Yes
10 ) CAN Architect No No Yes
11 ) Parag Date, Nagpur No No Yes
12 ) Prithipal Singh & Co. Yes No No
13 ) Sanman Constructions Yes No No
14 ) Nadkarni Mahajan Associates No No Yes
15 ) Atul Thombare Associates No No Yes
16 ) Chaugule Patil, Sangli No No Yes
17 ) Prakash Constrowel Pvt Ltd Yes No No
18 ) Navcon Infrastructure, Latur Yes No No
19 ) CNA Architect Mumbai No No Yes
20 ) Brijesh Srivastava and Associates No No Yes

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