101 police qtrs at Sangamner of Superintendent of Police Ahmednagar Sangamner for Superintendent of Police, Ahmednagar

Status completed
District Name Ahmednagar
Requisition Superintendent of Police, Ahmadnagar
Location Survey No.277/2 at Village Ghulewadi,Tal- Sangamner, Dist. Ahmadnagar.
Plot Area 12,236.00 sq.mts
Permissible FSI 0.75
Permissible Area 9,177.00
Consumed FSI 0.46
Consumed Area 5,618.82
Balance FSI 0.46
Postal Address Superintendent of Police, Ahmadnagar Village Ghulewadi, Tal- Sangamner Dist. Ahmadnagar.
Administrative Approval Amount Rs 460.84 Lakhs
BoD Meeting / Item Note Number / Resolution No/Date 123 BOD/11/681/ 23.11.2000
Revised Administrative Approval Amount Rs 820.65 Lakhs
Revised Board Resolution Number/Reference for Revision/Date 164th BOD/10/862/ 23.06.2006
Architect Vastu Rekha Pune
Project Management Consultant V.K. Mattu & Associates
Contractor V.M. Matare
Scope of Work

Residential quarters
Type II - 12 qtrs x 7 Bldg = 84 qtrs
Type IIA - 10 qtrs x 1 Bldg = 10 qtrs
Type III - 6 qtrs x 1 Bldg = 6 qtrs
Type IV - 1qtrs x 1 Bldg = 1 qtrs
= 101 qtrs & Site office
Including all Infrastructural amenities

Number of Buildings 11
Number of Quarters 101
Built up Area 6,073.00 sq mts
Project Cost Rs 890.57 Lakhs
Estimated Cost Rs 639.29 Lakhs
Tendered Cost Rs 712.97 Lakhs
Work Order Date 27/07/2006
Time Limit for Completion 18 months
Stipulated Date for Completion of Project 19/01/2008
Extended Date for Completion of Project 28/02/2008
First Extended Date for Completion of Project 28/02/2008
Liquidated Damages/Penalty No
Date of Completion of Project 25/02/2008
Date of handing over the Project 13/06/2008
Total Expenditure Rs 887.55 Lakhs
Expiry date of defect liability period 12 months/ 24.02.2009
Expiry date of Water Proofing Guarantee Period Feb. 24, 2015
Bank Guarantee Details of Water Proofing Contact Bank Guarantee No/Amount/Validity Date 0506810BG0001412/ Rs 172,712.00/ 24.02.2015
Expiry date of Antitermite Guarantee Period 24/02/2015
Bank Guarantee Details of Anti Termite Contact Bank Guarantee No/Amount/Validity Date 0506810BG0001412/ Rs 23,793.00/ 28.02.2015
Status Remarks
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