06 Mar, 2021 | 08:03 PM IST
140 Police Quarters for wireless office on Plot No. 167, T.P.S. III for wireless at Santacruz (W), Mumbai.
Status District Name Location
Unit Commander Address
C.P. Mumbai C.T.S.No. 167, V.P. Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai.
Architect B.G.Shirke Const. Tech.Pvt.Ltd.
Project Management Consultant PHC Engineer
Contractor B.G.Shirke Const. Tech.Pvt.Ltd.
Scope of work Type II ? 66 Qtrs. Type III ? 66 Qtrs. Type IV ? 10 Qtrs. Total 142 Qtrs. Modified :- Type II ? 118 Qtrs.(Carpet area 44 sq.ft.) Type III ? 20 Qtrs.(Carpet area 44 sq.ft.)
Built up Area ( in sqm)
Work Order Date 30/04/2013
Project Exp.Cost (Rs in lakh) 5254
Tendered Cost (Rs in lakh) 2131.38
Date of Completion of Project 30/07/2015
Status Remarks 100% work is completed and Handed Over
Present Status 100% work is completed and Handed Over
Period of completion (in month) 16739.12
Wheather Extension Given No